Women Rally For A Cause

Local News

In 1920 the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote.

Today, women and men gathered for a ‘Rally In The Alley’ at Bryan’s Place on 6th Street in Zanesville. The event is sponsored by the Muskingum County Women’s Republican Club and has one simple goal.

“To support our candidates, that is what it is all about… to give support to these folks. It is very expensive and very time consuming, it takes a great abundance of energy for these folks to run for office,” says April Cohagen-Gibson the president of the Muskingum County Women’s Republican Club.

The ‘Ralley in the Alley’ ran from 4:00 pm til 8:00 pm and featured live music, dinner and a chance to meet local Republican candidates running for office. Cohagen-Gibson says women have a right to be involved in politics just as much as any man does.

“Palin is a proven factor right there that women are in there and we can do this,” says Cohagen-Gibson.

To get involved with the Muskingum County Women’s Republican Club stop by their monthly meeting which is held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm at Bryan’s Place or call (740) 452-5732.



Katie Jeffries