Heath Red Light Camera Violations Dropping

Local News

Heath Mayor Richard Waugh says most of the July red light camera violations were paid off last month, and that amount was received last week, totaling just under 520 thousand dollars.

Waugh says while that amount is high, it will continue to drop.

He points out that the month of July had 12-thousand 500 violations and that number dropped to four-thousand violations last month, with a majority of those being speeding violations.

“The percentage of the reduction in speeds are a little over 80%, and normally-statistically-when speeds reduce, accidents reduce, ” says Waugh.

Waugh says the number of complaints about the red light cameras has been dropping too.

He says he has been in contact with Zanesville Mayor, Howard Zwelling and Zanesville Safety Director, Robert Brandford, to discuss the city’s interest in using red light cameras, and Waugh says he has a message for the citizens of Zanesville.

“Look at the facts. Look at the facts in Heath, Ohio and what has happened, ” says Waugh.

Heath’s red light cameras started issuing citations back on July first.

Heath citizens will get to decide whether or not to keep the red light cameras in the city. The issue is on the November ballot.