ZPD Getting New K-9 Officer

Local News

The new K-9 officer will soon be part of the Zanesville Police Department.

Chief Eric Lambes says the Schottenstein family of Columbus offered to pay for a new dog and the ZPD graciously accepted. The dog will be hand selected by Officer Mike Schiele and is expected to join the police force in 9 to 12 weeks.

“Mike (Officer Schiele) will go down and work with the trainer and together they will decide which dog is best for what we want it to do. You know, the dog that fits best with Mike’s personality,” says Chief Lambes.

Officer Schiele will continue to work with Bosco once he recovers, but Bosco will only be used as a scent or PR dog in the future. The new K-9 will be around two-years-old and is being trained at a Southern Ohio kennel. Chief Lambes says Officer Schiele is very excited to receive another dog.

“He has agreed to take on a new dog and the responsibilities of Bosco also, so he is going to be a two dog officer. I don’t know if that has ever been done anywhere, but we are going to try it,” says Chief Lambes.

Chief Lambes says Bosco’s courageous story is spreading across the nation. There is a chance Bosco and Officer Schiele will be on the ‘Today Show’ next week.

Katie Jeffries