ZCS Preparing for H1N1

Local News

Local school districts are working closely with the Health Department to help prevent an outbreak of the H1N1 virus.

Zanesville City School leaders have met with Health Department officials to learn how they can prevent an outbreak from happening.

“We always have our custodians clean pencil sharpeners, door handles, hand rails, everything. We’re always encouraging the students to wash their hands, how to cover their face. Cory came to our back to school day and talked to all of our staff members,” says Kevin Appleman, Zanesville City Schools.

Updates will be sent home to parents and students on the measures the district is taking to prevent an outbreak. Appleman says the best thing students can do if they are sick is stay home from school.

“If a certain temperature you have or you’re just not feeling well make sure you contact the school, parents have to contact the school, and let us know you’re not feeling well, but we’d rather them, don’t bring it in where you they can spread it around,” he says.

Zanesville City Schools will have a plan in place in case of an widespread H1N1 outbreak , but Appleman in 20 years there has never been a widespread illness that affected the district.