Zanesville School Lets Employee Resign and Re-hire

Local News

Zanesville City Schools will save some money by allowing one of their educators to retire and rehire.

During a special meeting tonight, board members accepted the resignation and re-employment of middle school Principal James Lear.

“Well with our plan it saves money because we take a 15% or $15,000 cap off of what they were previously making. So it is a substantial saving for the district and it is an opportunity for employees to also collect retirement, which they have paid, into as well as make a second income,” says Terry Martin the Zanesville Superintendent.

The board also discussed the progress being made on construction of the new Zanesville City Schools.

“They are moving along quite well, we are hoping to make up for some lost time since the rock discovery at the high school about 8 months ago and so far we are making up some time on it,” says Martin.

Martin says the new schools will be completed and open by the beginning of the 2010 school year.

In addition, the board passed a 1.5% pay increase Zanesville Education Association members.

Katie Jeffries