Zane State Remedial Education in Use

Local News

Zane State Vice President of Academic Services, Chad Brown, says about 70 percent of incoming students need developmental education, and the college just started seeing funding come in at the end of summer for its developmental education program, thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Zane State is one of two community colleges in the nation that actually have an accredited or national recognized developmental education program, ” says Brown.

Brown says the developmental education program is quite popular, especially among older students, who are parents. “They have what we call gaps in their knowledge because they haven’t utilized that knowledge for a very long time. You haven’t had to sit down and work with fractions, work with decimal points, or things like that, ” says Brown.

Zane State has one reading, two english, and three math developmental education classes.

Brown says with the new funding coming in, it’s allowing the college to hire a full-time reading developmental education instructor, a full-time academic advisor-specifically for developmental education-and new linked courses.

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