World Suicide Prevention Day

Local News

September 10th is “World Suicide Prevention Day”, a day local health officials hope will bring awareness to a growing problem in our community.

In the state of Ohio three to four people commit suicide each day.

In our six region of Muskingum, Perry, Cochocton, Guernsey, Noble and Morgan counties suicide prevention experts have seen the numbers rising higher than normal.

“As we know many deaths are not always reported as suicides, but we know that since January 1st in Muskingum County we’ve lost eight people. In our region those counties that I’ve mentioned earlier we’ve lost 22 people that we are aware of since the first of January this year,” says Sandy Harstine, Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition Coordinator.

Harstine says they believe increased depression could be contributing to the rise in suicides.

“One of the concerns that we have is about the economy and the impact that that’s having on people’s lives with unemployment, stress with finances and that,” she says.

There are warning signs that someone may be considering suicide such as giving away personal possessions, lack of interest in normal activities and lack of appetite.

If you suspect a loved one may be considering suicide bring them to a mental health facility or you can call the Six County Crisis Hotline at 453-5818 in Muskingum County or 1-800-344-5818 from other counties.