Wendy’s Fundraiser for Bosco

Local News

Yet another area business is doing what it can to help Zanesville’s most famous K-9 officer.

Wendy’s is stepping up to help raise money for Bosco, the K-9 officer shot two weeks ago.

“We obviously heard about the Bosco story and it tugged at our heartstrings,” said Wendy’s owner Tim Thompson. “Everyone here are animal lovers and this is a real opportunity for us to give back to the police department and the K-9 unit. It’s really a thankless job a lot of times, being a police officer and we really appreciate the things they do for us.”

Thompson says the five Wendy’s locations in Zanesville will donate 25 cents for every upgraded combo Friday, September 11, through Sunday September 13.

Each restaurant will also have a canister to take donations throughout the rest of the month.

“It’s really been great how the community’s been giving back,” he said. “The community’s really come together to support Bosco and Officer Schiele and really the whole department.”

Bosco was shot twice on August 23 alongside his partner Patrolman Mike Schiele, who also recieved a bullet wound.

Schiele was attempting to serve a warrant to Dominick Conley, who is charged with shooting both officers.