Vendors Selling Memorabilia at Colony Mall

Local News

If you drop by the Colony Mall this weekend, you will see rows and rows of local vendors.

This is the 20th year for the Collectible Hobby Show. The show was originally just for sports card dealers, but it has opened up to include all types of hobbies.

“All the vendors are from the local area and the card dealers, which were the core of this thing and started it all. At one time this mall would be full from one end to the other with card dealers, that is how big this thing was,” tells Don Dogwiler, he is overseeing the show.

Everything from hats, to Tupperware and even hand-made jewelry is being sold. The show is even raising money for injured K-9 Bosco.

“We have these two items (OSU teddy bears) we are offering and the proceeds will go to Bosco. Plus if you don’t want one of these there is a jar out here on the table where you can just donate, so we want to collect a few bucks for Bosco,” says Dogwiler.

The next Collectible Hobby Show will be in December. To sign up call (740) 452-5431.