Trying 09-09-09 Luck

Local News

This is the last time, this century, when the month, the day, and the year will line up on the calendar as single digit numbers, and Mother Tucker’s employee, Audrey Davis, says some people are taking advantage of these lucky numbers.

“We’ve had a few people, including myself, that’s played 09-09-09. I know 9-9-09, the four digit, you can no longer play it. So, it played up to its potential, ” says Davis.

Davis says some people came in looking for the number nine on tickets and scratch off’s, but she says the number of people looking to buy these game cards was only up slightly.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize until they get in here, and then we tell them that it’s 9-9-9. It’s better than 6-6-6. “

The next time we will see a repeating day, month, and year will be on October 10th of next year.