Stretcher Helps Local Crews with Obese Patients

Local News

There’s a new piece of equipment available at Community Ambulance that is helping workers provide medical attention and comfort to obese patients.

Community Ambulance MarketingCcoordinator, Sara Twyman says it purchased the bariatric cot about six months ago, and she says it has been in full use. In fact, it was used on two runs today.

“It seems to be an increase in demand. So, we want to be able to accomodate the citizens of Zanesville the best we possibly can, ” says Twyman.

Twyman says the bariatric cot has some slight differences from a regular stretcher.

“It’s heavier-duty. It weighs a little bit more. So, it’s increased weight for our crew to transport. It has a wider girth. So, it leaves that extra room for that larger patient, ” says Twyman.

It also has extension bars that can be pulled out to help crews lift the bariatric cot.

Twyman says the biggest difference between the two is that a regular stretcher can only hold 650 pounds and a bariatric cot can hold up to 1600 pounds.