Starlight Celebrates 50 Years

Local News

Hundreds of blue balloons filled the cloudless sky over Zanesville.

It is all part of the 50th anniversary ceremony at Starlight School.

“Today is kind of our kickoff and we will be launching balloons. We also are going to be singing a special song that was written by one of our staff members, Paul Manini, and it is about a Starlight celebration for our 50th anniversary,” tells Cathy Smith, Starlight Administrative Services Director.

Starlight School offers programs for babies, school age children and adults with developmental disabilities. Many students were excited to release their balloons and see how far they go.

“The balloons have Starlight 50th Anniversary on it and everybody has a card on the end of their balloon with their name and their teacher’s name and we are hoping just for fun to see what card comes from the furthest place,” says Smith.

The student who gets his or her card sent back to the school from the furthest place will win a prize. So if you see a post card, make sure to send it back to Starlight.

The school is also holding a community shred and recyle day September 19th and another anniversary celebration September 26th.