Special Training for ZFD

Local News

The Zanesville Fire Department is working hard this week to make sure you and yours are safe.

Today was day two of a three day training program designed to refresh firefighters skills. Today’s main focus was rescue in a confined space. Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy says they practiced in a sewer manhole in front of the department, but many other confined areas exist around town.

“If you have a person who might be working in the area and if something happens like a medical emergency,” said Lacy. “It’s very critical because there is a very restricted entryway and entry point a lot of times on these. There’s a lot of safety things you have to do. You have to be constantly monitoring to make sure you don’t have any gases loose. We have respiratory protection they have to go on, communications are vital.”

Lacy says the equipment used in this type of rescue is not used on a daily basis. He says they have to use a ventilation system, tripod, and other various pieces to extract someone in this type of rescue. He says the large amount of equipment requires a large team.

“It’s a big team effort,” he said. “On most occasions you’re going to need 15 people minimum to successfully do one of them in the safest manner you can do it.”

Lacy says although they haven’t had to do any confined spaces recently, they have in the past. He says it is critical for these types of trainings to be done once a year, to keep it fresh in the minds of the firefighters.