Soggy Day At The Backwoods Fest

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People in Thornville channeled their inner Daniel Boone today.

Even though the rain made the day a little soggy, the Backwoods Fest took people back in time to the way pioneers used to live.

“There has been a few people leaving, but a lot of people are just putting paper sacks over their heads and keeping on going and shopping. We have been selling in the rain too,” says Norman Meyers of Shale Valley Primitive Crafts.

As one camper said, a little rain never hurt anyone. The festival is in it’s 14th year and offers delicious food that is cooked over an open flame or in large cauldrons. Festival goers munched on roasted almonds as they shopped at the more than 200 vendors.

Some families camped out at the festival and turned it into a family vacation. There is no electricity available, so it is truly a taste of the country.

“We have an 1840 encampment area over there so you can go way back if you want. They are doing flint and blacksmithing and tomahawk throws for the kids,” says Backwoods Fest promoter, Kathy Launder.

From the country food, to the hand-made crafts and learning the pioneer lifestyle, the Backwoods Fest brings in thousands of people every year.

“It is a family affair and it is worth the long drive in, because you will see things here you won’t see anywhere else,” tells Meyers.

Even rain couldn’t put a damper on the event.

If you missed the Backwoods Fest, organizers say not to worry. It will be back next year.

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Katie Jeffries