Red Cross Helps Though Funds Still Low

Local News

A fire last night destroys the home of a South Zanesville man, the Red Cross is stepping in to help, despite low funds.

Crews responded to the fire at approximately 8:30 last night at 2525 Marion Drive. Local fire departments weren’t the only ones at the scene last night–the Red Cross was there too.

“Fortunately everyone was fine, unfortunately the house wasn’t,” said Dan Hartman of the Red Cross. “Ed will be staying with family and our volunteers were able to assist with clothing and food to help him get through the next few days.”

Hartman says this summer has seen an unusually high amount of fires. He says normally the Red ross helps with three or four each month, but this year it’s been closer to eight or nine fires a month.

“September has been a rough month for everyone, first of all for families, whether it be military families or disaster families.,” he said. “That’s the first thing that comes to mind: This is hard on them. Then of course the second thing is it’s affecting the disaster relief checkbook.”

Hartman says the official start of fire season isn’t until October.

He says that although the Red Cross is taking a break from fundraising because of the United Way campaign, they do rely on funds from donations, especially when the disaster fund is so low.