People Speak Out About Red Light Cameras

Local News

The possible installation of red light cameras on Maple Avenue and in school zones is certainly a hot button issue.

We went to the Colony Square Mall located right off Maple Avenue to see what people think of the cameras.

“I think it is an entrapment, I think it is the city’s way of raising money and people are in a financial crisis already, so they get you going one way, they get you coming back the other way, you know within one day you get get a double ticket,” says Tammy Polk.

“I have a fault with the cameras, because what is happening is the as the car is going to get into the intersection, when the caution comes on, and I am afraid that light is going to catch that car and they are going to be able to take his license number and everything and really they may give him a ticket and he really isn’t at fault because he was already in there,” explains Flloyd Benton who is a retired Zanesville City Police Officer. He wants to make sure there are safe guards in place so people who are making left turns in intersections don’t get unnecessary tickets.

“Absolutely not, it is a waste of taxpayers money. The problem on Maple Avenue, we live close to Military and Maple and all it takes is a cruiser to sit there and I can guarantee you, we come off of Orchard Hill Road and every time four to five cars run that red light up there. So if they (the city) want to get some money and tickets, they need to get a cruiser out there and sit and we will stop this problem and we don’t have to put up the lights to do it,” says Judy Lynn who is a former City Council Woman.

“I think it would be bad idea because I think a lot of people would get tickets and I know I don’t want to get tickets and we would probably loose business because not a lot of people would want to drive on Maple, so they know there is more possibility of them getting a ticket. So personally I think it is a bad idea,” tells Karee Stemm.

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