Opposition to Red Light Cameras

Local News

Tomorrow Zanesville City Officials will hold a meeting to discuss red light cameras on Maple Avenue and in school zones. Residents in Heath, who are opposed to the cameras, gathered enough signatures to put their red light cameras issue on the November ballot in an effort to bring the cameras down.

Petitioning a city ordinance is not easy. A concerned resident has 30 days from the day the ordinance is passed to file the petition with the Board of Elections.

“A referendum petition must be filed during the 30 day period before the ordinance becomes effective,” says Chris Hamill the Director of the Board of Elections in Zanesville.

Next the concerned resident would need to pick up a referendum petition from the Board of Elections Office and begin collecting signatures. For a petition to be considered in the city of Zanesville it will need at least 659 signatures.

“It would be taken down to the City Auditor and filed there and then they have to do their part and it comes back to the Board of Elections and then we do check to see if the signatures are valid,” explains Hamill.

If all the signatures are valid the issue will be added to the general election ballot. The deadline for the 2009 has already passed so any petitions will appear on the 2010 general elections ballot next November.

Katie Jeffries