Longaberger’s New Hot Item

Local News

It’s not something you would normally put together… Longaberger baskets and the NFL.

But, recently the Longaberger company secured a contract with the National Football League and college teams to develop a new line of baskets focusing on the football teams. Thousands of people flocked to the homestead for the Longaberger Heritage Days to see this year’s hot item.

“It has been dynamic, quick paced, all kinds of hurtles you have to jump through both on the collegiate side as well as the NFL line in order to get their approval, because they don’t just give their license to anyone. We are very honored and privileged that they granted us the license,” tells Tami Longaberger, the CEO of the Longaberger Company.

There are currently 32 NFL team baskets for sale along with OSU and Michigan State baskets. Sports fans crowded the aisles of baskets to take home their favorite team.

“Between Heritage Day and the launch of the NFL and basically the college season having a team spirit line. You know so many people especially in this part of the country are so into their sports and into football and you know, whether you are a Browns fan or a Bengals fan or a Steelers fan you really have something in common with the heart and passion of football, it really drives people together,” says Bernie Kosar.

For more information or prices on these new baskets go to Longaberger website

Katie Jeffries