Locals’ Labor Day Weekend Plans

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Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer vacation. So, WHIZ’s Emily Baird set out to see what people had planned during this holiday weekend.

“I’m actually having a picnic with my family. I haven’t seem them in a couple weeks. So, we’re getting together and enjoying each other’s company…reading…eating, ” says Ohio State University Grad Student, Jennilyn Lowe.

It seems as though most people had a similar story to Lowe’s on this holiday weekend, spending time with family and friends. Lowe says she’s meeting up with her family from Cambridge.

“It’s really nice since the extra long weekend-we all have Monday off. So, we can take the time to meet halfway, ” says Lowe.

Kevin Cameron of Columbus says he’s been spending a lot of time outdoors because of the great weather. He was at the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival yesterday.

“We went out over there and ate a lot of corn. It was a lot of fun. (We) played some games and just walked around, trying all the food they have there, ” says Cameron.

His daughter, 10-year-old Atyana Adams, says she’s excited about her extended weekend.

“Are you enjoying having a day off from school? Yes, I am! ” says Atyana.

In fact, Cameron says they were just off to get some ice cream, which sounded satisfying on a day like today, and while most of us won’t be heading to the office or school tomorrow, Lowe says she’ll still find something productive to do.

“Tomorrow, I’m just going to kind of hang out. I need to clean my apartment. So, my day off of work is going to be cleaning, ” says Lowe.

I’m Emily Baird for WHIZ News.

Just a reminder, all government offices will be closed tomorrow for the holiday.