Local Public Pools Closing for Season

Local News

There are only a couple days left to swim before most local public pools close.

Swim Center Manager, Lindsay Conley, says the Dresden Pool’s last day is coming up fast … Labor Day.

“It’s bittersweet. We haven’t had a very nice summer, but it was successful. We were worried, with the economy, how we would do, but it has not affected us one bit, ” says Conley.

While most of the summer has been dry, it’s also been cooler. We’ve only had a handful of 90 degree days.

Conley says she does expect pool attendance to pick up these last two days.

“We usually have on the weekends, especially since school has started. I know that we are one of the last pools open. So, everybody wants to get their one last thrill of summer, ” says Conley.

The pool’s doors will close for good at seven p.m. and won’t open again until Memorial Day next year.