Local Fifth Graders React to Obama’s Speech

Local News

President Barack Obama is asking kids across the country, from kindergartners to high school seniors, to stay in school and to do their best work.

West Muskingum Falls Elementary fifth graders Cameron Crowley and Sarah Keys watched President Obama’s speech this afternoon. They say it was neat to see the President speak, and they say they are taking his message seriously.

“Every day, when I go home, I’m going to study harder and do my homework right when I get home, ” says Crowley.

“Try to study more for tests and everything, work harder, ask questions if I don’t understand or something, ” says Keys.

President Obama also asked students to think about what they can contribute to the country in the future.

“I want to become an orthodontist, ” says Crowley.

“I kind of want to make a cure for diabetes for people who have diabetes. (I want) to make foods that taste the same but just don’t have sugar, ” says Keys.

President Obama says it’s important for the kids of America to strive to succeed so they don’t let their country down, their families down, and most importantly, themselves down.