Labor Day Is All About The Food!

Local News

Labor Day means three F’s. Family, food and fun!

Many are readying their grills for summer’s last holiday and preparing the classic labor day menu.

“For Labor Day I would say staples are being with family cooking out, some brats, burgers anything barbecue of course. Barbecue is always the boss on Labor Day,” tells Karen Smith, kitchen Manager of The Barn.

Smith says if you don’t like barbecue there are always other good summer foods.

“Make some good old chicken salad, that is what I like to do. Baked beans, potato salad some family recipes like that… some broccoli salad, anything really flavorful,” says Smith.

To prevent fires while grilling make sure the grill is clean and at least 10 feet away from any building. Also never move a grill or add any starter fluid once it is already lit.

Katie Jeffries