Judging Ribfest’s Ribs

Local News

The lights are on in downtown Zanesville, highlighting the 6th Solid Gold Ribfest.

It has people from all over gathering to eat some great food and to enjoy live entertainment.

Jerry and Carol Vannort are from Indiana, visiting their son.

“Indiana is having one that is about 10 times larger than this, but we like this one. We like the food here but we like to support the local group that puts it on. ” says Vannort.

Jerry says he has one thing in mind when he’s looking for great-tasting ribs.

“The flavor…the flavor, ” says Vannort.

There was a panel of three judges looking to find the best ribs at the ribfest this year. Mayor Howard Zwelling was one of them.

“It’s a nasty job, but somebody has to do it, and I volunteered. I want to tell you though, they’re all good, ” says Zwelling.

Zwelling says they were judging the ribs on taste, tenderness, and sauce. The winner of the contest was H. Johnson BBQ out of Columbus.

Zwelling says there’s only one way to tackle ribs.

“Just go after it and have plenty of paper towels to wipe your face and your hands off, ” says Zwelling.

Zwelling says he couldn’t believe the number of people attending this year.

While the ribs were the main attraction, the live entertainment was gaining a lot of attention. Zwelling says he wasn’t sure if people would catch him on the dance floor though.

“I still got a couple moves left in me, but I’m trying not to show them off, ” says Zwelling.

The 6th Solid Gold Ribfest wraps up tonight at midnight.