Hunters Feed the Hungry

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A local program has hunters providing food for those in need.

The program, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, takes deer killed by hunters and processes it, at no cost, and gives the venison to food pantries to feed the needy.

“Well last year there was about 57,000 deer were donated through this program and that is over 200,000 meals going out to the hungry,” says Vicki Mountz the Executive Administrator of Information Education at Ohio Division of Wildlife.

The program is in its second year and has two goals. Stop the overpopulation of deer and use deer meat to feed the hungry.

“There is always an abundance of deer and we get a lot of influx of hunters coming to Muskingum County and but a lot of them are looking for big bucks so if they get an opportunity to shoot a doe help with the over abundance of deer and then donate it it is a wonderful cause,” tells Kari Burkey the Organization Director for Ohio Farm Bureau.

Deer hunting season will kick off at the end of September.

Farmers and hunters is holding a banquet September 19th, as part of the Muskingum Valley Outdoor Show, to help raise funds for the program. Tickets are $25 per person or $200 for a sponsor package.

Purchase tickets at:
Rittberger Meats
Shine Brothers Meats
Phillip’s Meats
Old Village Meats

Or Call:
(740) 607-3374

Katie Jeffries