How To Keep Your Pets Healthy

Local News

Health officials recommend a physical once a year to stay healthy, but what about your pets?

Executive Director of the Animal Shelter in Muskingum County Larry Hostetler says your pets need to see a veterinarian almost as often.

“Going to your vet once a year, have them check the heart,” said Hostetler. “Just an updated physical, the same as in humans. They age like we do. Problems that weren’t there last year, may be there this year. Having your pet examined might save its life.”

Hostetler says vaccinations are critical to keeping your dog healthy. He says diseases such as kennel cough and Parvo can make dogs especially sick.

“I hear many times, my dog doesn’t go outside but to use the restroom, my cat never goes outside,” he said. “Well, they may not, but you do. A lot of these things you can carry in on your clothing, shoes, you can bring it into your house.”

Hostetler recommends taking your pet for a yearly physical and keeping them up to date on vaccinations.

He says for older animals, a trip to the vet twice a year may be necessary.