Firefighters Swing for Scholarships

Local News

Zanesville firefighters took to the golf course today to help support local students.

The Muskingum County Community Foundation is holding a miniature golf outing to help raise funds for student scholarships. The event runs Thursday and Friday beginning at 10am. The winner of the golf outing will win $300 and the two lowest scorers will advance to the miniature golf national championship in New Jersey, to win up to $10,000. But for these firefighters, the real prize is supporting the community.

“It is a good local charity, it helps a lot of our kids. I have had two kids who have used scholarship central and I have two more who will use that service and the firefighters are always eager to sponsor and help local charities and events,” says Zanesville firefighter Steve Vincent.

Vincent says sunrise has a great course to play on and at the seventh hole everyone on the team was tied.

“We have two teams of four each. Team A and Team B, the A Team is more serious about this than the B Team, but we will see who has the lowest score,” laughs Vincent.

The tournament currently has 40 people signed up to play, but more are always welcome. To play, it costs $30 for adults and $10 for kids in school.

Katie Jeffries