Family Fun Day Carries 50 Year Tradition

Local News

Families are gathering at the Somerset Memorial Park to take part in the 11th Annual Family Fun Day.

Event Organizer, Crystal Jordan, says it’s an inexpensive way for families to stay together and have fun on this holiday.

“We’ll have the old-fashioned sack races, the egg toss, balloon toss, and stuff. That gets everybody involved. We have the age groups, and then the kids love it when the adults play with them, ” says Jordan.

A more than 50 year tradition also coincides with the Family Fun Day. It’s the Old Timers-Young Timers baseball game.

“It’s made up of guys from the Legion, the sons of the Legion, and just guys out of the community that want to show up and play. It’s an annual event, and it’s been going on for over 50 years, ” says Jordan.

Jordan says the rival is a friendly one that everyone looks forward to each year.