Families Crowd Bluegrass, Barbecue, Boom Event

Local News

The Dawes Arboretum, near Newark, is putting on quite a show this holiday weekend. Executive Director, Luke Messinger, says it’s the Dawes Arboretum’s biggest musical event of the year.

It’s the second year for the Bluegrass, Barbecue, and Boom event.

“It’s a great local activity on labor day that brings a lot of people out. The weather this time of year in September is usually fairly good. So, we’re very fortunate for that. It just provides a great opportunity for people to bring the family out and spend a good day listening to some good music and having some great food, ” says Messinger.

Messinger says a lot of local blue grass bands were taking the stage along with the Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra. So, you could watch the music and chow down on some tasty barbecue in the great atmosphere that the Dawes Arboretum provides.

“We have a lot of nice vistas and views since we’re on the foothills of the Hocking Hills. It’s a great place, ” says Messinger.

Kevin Cameron and his daughter, 10-year-old Atyana Adams, say they were having fun exploring the Dawes Aboretum’s 18 hundred acres.

“We live in Columbus. So, coming out here’s a real treat. This is so laid back, coming out here, and just getting away from the city. It’s a beautiful place to come to, ” says Cameron.

The night ended with a boom. There was a fireworks show for attendees to enjoy.

Messinger says the event draw about four thousand people.