Car Overturned on I-70 West

Local News

A New Jersey woman flipped her car on I-70 West around 3:30 this afternoon.

The white Mazda overturned near the airport exit of I-70 West.

“The driver of the white vehicle, Ms. Day Jesus, was driving west bound in Interstate 70 when she was in the left-hand lane and a witness who was directly in front of her, Ms. Deborah Spellman of Zanesville, stated she observed the white car in the left-hand lane approaching her. She (Ms. Spellman) attempted to change lanes and then stopped changing lanes when she saw the white vehicle come up to her. The white vehicle then passed her, went off the left hand side of the road, over corrected then went off the right hand side of the road and overturned,” says Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Stephen Williams.

The white Mazda also hit a tree on the side of the road. Ms. Jesus will be charged with failure to control. She and her dog were the only occupants of the car.

“The occupant was out of the vehicle we had mutual with new concord, they came out, she refused treatment to be taken to the hospital, the vehicle was leaking some gas so we wanted to get the car up righted as soon as possible,” tells Chief Justin Rodgers of the Perry Township Fire Department.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol, Perry Township Fire Department and New Concord ambulance all responded to the accident.