Buckeye Fans Gather For First Game

Local News

Buckeye fans crowded the local bars, crossing their fingers for OSU in their first game of the season.

Bill Steed, owner of The Barn on Linden Avenue, says people just want to take part in the excitement.

“Most of the time they (the fans) just come in they are so excited about Ohio State getting started again, you know, such a wonderful team and just everybody gets so excited about it. It is just plain fun,” tells Steed.

Scarlet and grey jerseys filled the bar as people gathered to cheer on the Buckeyes. Steed says he think people love the team, not only because they are talented players, but also good people.

“I think because the team is a class act. I think they try to do things right, they try to be a first class team, besides being very good players, they are very good people. You know, I think that is a big draw,” says Steed.

The Buckeyes won 31 to 27 against the Navy. The next game is at home against USC on September 12th.