A new way for Seniors to live

Local News

It’s a unique living experience for senior citizens; one that offers downtown living plus an instant social life.

Friday afternoon, Pollock Apartments on Market Street in Zanesville held an open house to show off what they have to offer. A list that includes never before lived in units, a community room where residents socialize together, and security, “All of our outside entrances are secure. You have to be buzzed in by a tenant if you’re coming to visit,” said Betty Buker Pollock Manager.

Dorothy Elliott has lived at Pollock for about a year now, she said her neighbors are kind of like family, “Well, it’s my home, yes, yea, and all the neighbors, I didn’t use to go out and go downstairs much, but anymore I stop and talk. There’s usually somebody to stop and talk to.”

Rent is based on income. There are 10, never lived in units available. Call 452-4337 for more information.