ZFD Needs Help to Fill the Boot

Local News

The Zanesville Fire Department is asking for your help to fill the boot.

The department is one of many raising money across the country to help children with muscular dystrophy.

“I’ve done it for 26 years,” said Zanesville Firefighter Dick Atkinson. “We do a pretty good job. Last year I think we raised about $13,000. We hope to match that this year, if not more. We’ll see how the weather holds out for us.”

Each year the department donates the money raised to Jerry’s Kids. Atkinson says he knows the department is doing a good thing, but it’s fun for them too.

“I enjoy getting out here messing with traffic and begging for money,” he said. “Most everybody is pretty receptive to us. We don’t mind, we enjoy doing it with us.”

Watch for the fire department tomorrow — they will be out on Underwood from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.