ZCS Heading Back to Class

Local News

School hasn’t started yet, but today in the Roosevelt Middle School every seat was filled.

The yearly opening ceremonies for Zanesville City Schools brings together all employees to get them prepared for the upcoming school year.

“It’s a time to kind of acclimate teachers back to policies. There’s ZEA representatives speak, the United Way speaks to them, safety concerns, everything to kind of get a good kick-off to the year,” says Superintendent Terry Martin.

Superintendent Martin says he’s seeing more excitement this year than he has in years. He thinks the system’s new “We Believe” program designed to motivate students doing good is also having a positive affect on the staff.

“I saw groups that had even taken the initiative to get their own t-shirts for their buildings and in their school colors and a lot of signs and enthusiasm, it’s great,” he says.

Zanesville City School officially begin their school year on Monday.