Zanesville’s New Scoreboard Arrives

Local News

Sulsberger Stadium’s new scoreboard is up for all to see.

Crews finished lifting and attaching it this afternoon.

Zanesville Athletic Director, Scott Aronhalt, says it’s going to change the environment of the stadium.

“When people come in, that atmosphere of seeing replays and highlights up on the screen, and really getting a lot of other information about other teams, whether it’s volleyball or soccer during the football games, ” says Aronhalt.

However, it won’t just be used for athletic purposes. Aronhalt says they can show summer movies or use it to enhance high school graduations.

“Actually put the photo of the graduate as they walk across with maybe some personal information. So, maybe the limit to this thing is our own imagination, ” says Aronhalt.

Aronhalt says Zanesvile is one of two high schools that have this virtual board in the country. He says the other school is in Bryan, Texas. The virtual board can run adds while the scoreboard is up and running.