Zanesville Schools to Offer Online Education

Local News

Zanesville City Schools are taking education to a whole new level.

The Zanesville Virtual School is an online program that gives students classroom experience from the comforts of their own home.

It’s starting this year, and Westview Elementary School Principal, Steven Foreman, says it’s one of two online education programs in the state of Ohio and one of about a dozen across the nation.

“It’s open to absolutely any student in the state of Ohio. They can participate, and they are actually a Zanesville City Schools student. So, that makes all of the programs that we have available to them, ” says Foreman.

So if you become a Zanesville City Schools student, you can take part in school field trips, sports, and clubs, and you get textbooks, classroom supplies, and worksheets sent to you in the mail.

The cost of the online program, which is open to students Kindergarten through 12th Grade, is paid by Zanesville City Schools, so it’s free to anyone.

You do need to have a computer and a high speed Internet connection.

Foreman says with the click of a button, you can raise your hand to ask or answer questions in the virtual classroom. Parents can also look at grades and take part in parent/teacher conferences.

“We have to be open to the fact that students learn differently on different days, different ways, and different years, ” says Foreman.

If you would like your child to take part in the online program, contact Foreman at Westview Elementary School at 740-453-7558.