Walking 1,000 Miles to Promote Awareness

Local News

Three men are walking more than one thousand miles from Chicago to Washington DC to spread the word about genocide in their homeland of Sri Lanka.

Kannan Sreekantha, who was born in Sri Lanka, says the three have encountered the heat of the day, some cool nights, and even some storms on their walk.

“We usually walk about 25 to 30 miles per day, but you know, yesterday and the day before, we have been doing a 55 mile walk, ” says Sreekantha.

Sreekantha says he hopes to raise awareness to the American public and to politicians about what is going on in Sri Lanka.

He says he has a lot of time to think while he’s walking.

“We’re always thinking about the people that are trapped in these internment camps, who are being killed slowly by this young garmen. The international community is not doing anything about it, and we feel that we are the only hope that there is for these people, ” says Sreekantha.

Sreekantha says he hopes their walk will bring change to the country.