TID Says No to Alley Project

Local News

The Muskingum County Transportation Improvement Board met this morning to discuss future projects across the area.

Today Bill Habig from Transportation Matters met with the board to discuss ways they can help the area deal with transportation problems.

“Just like everywhere else the budgets are tight and we’re looking for innovative solutions to solve transportation problems, specifically in Muskingum County that’s what we’re charged to do. Bill represents a group a statewide group, just to educate the board a little bit,” says Jerry Nolder, executive director Jerry Nolder.

Also, at the meeting the TID board declined Mayor Butch Zwelling’s request for $30,000 to make improvements to the city’s alleys.

“Rather than spending money on maintenance and just spot work, utilized on more long term larger projects so they’ve asked the mayor to get back to them with some additional projects,” he says.

The TID Board also added a possible Eastpointe resurfacing project to their scope of work, so that if issues arise over the next three years they will be able to pay for repairs using grant money.