Storm Causes Damage at YMCA

Local News

Storms rolling through the area this morning caused damage at the Muskingum Family “Y”.

Executive Director of the YMCA Craig Miracle was standing on the front porch of a cottage when lightening hit less than 100 yards from where he was standing.

“Literally this bolt of lightening came down out of the sky and we thought struck the ground and we ended up in the house and we could feel the hair on our legs stand up and ears are still ringing,” he says.

The bolt hit a large pine tree, sending wood splinters throughout the property.

Kids attending the summer camp were inside at the time and were not hurt. Miracle says this is a prime example of why outdoor activities need to stop when it’s raining.

“It just shows you. I mean we had no indication there was any lightening coming. We had not heard any thunder and then just literally it struck and this is what happened,” he says.

Workers at the YMCA have roped off the area and are working to clean wood shards out of nearby trees. They’re hoping to have it cleaned up within a few days.