Spaces Talks Health Care with Concerned Citizens

Local News

Some of Congressman Zack Space’s 18th district constituents are not happy that Space has not held a local roundtable on health care.

So, this afternoon, a group of six met at Space’s Zanesville office to send him a petition, asking him why he hasn’t held one.

“We expect one. You’re our representative in the 18th district. We’re having a hard time getting a hold of you, ” says Insurance Broker Tom Montgomery.

Montgomery says they aren’t being heard, and they want space to know that they don’t want the government to interfere with the health care system.

To their surprise, Space was actually there to accept their petition and to hold a roundtable with the group of six.

“Everybody has a right to be at this table. Everybody has a right to, in a civil fashion, voice their concerns, ask for changed that they think are appropriate. I think it’s going to be a much better bill if it’s a very inclusionary process, ” says Space.

Space says he has been meeting with local doctors, hospitals, constituents, seniors, and veterans to get input on the health care bill. Last night, he held a telephone town-hall meeting with eight counties in the district. He says 78 hundred people were on the line to discuss the bill.