Space Talks Health Care Reform

Local News

Congress is on recess and Representative Zack Space is back in the 18th district to discuss health care reform.

Space says he thought the universal health care bill was moving through too quickly and he’s glad it’s been delayed.

According to Space it would only affect businesses with payrolls more than $500,000 that do not provide employees with insurance.

“Statistically the bigger your payroll is the more likelihood that you’re already going to provide insurance coverage. So the actual number of employers that are going to be affected, in other words, those that have payrolls of over $500,000 per year and don’t already provide insurance is not a real high number. It’s in the single digits,” says Space.

He also wants to clear up other rumors, Space says the bill would not provide for euthanasia or abortions.

“The votes that I took were to prohibit federal funding of abortions. I have not taken a vote that would require doctors to perform abortions. I think that should be up to the individual doctor and I don’t think tax payer money should be used expressly for that purpose,” he says.

Critics of the legislation have organized a press conference for local people to voice their concerns over the legislation Tuesday at 4 p.m. at 12335 West Pike in Gratiot.