Rockies Express Pipeline Day

Local News

Tuesday has been officially named “Rockies Express Pipeline Economic Stimulus Day” for Muskingum County.

The city of Zanesville and Muskingum County commissioners created proclamations Tuesday honoring the pipeline and its workers for the positive impact it has made on the area’s economy.

“It’s really been a big boost here to help Muskingum County and it’s going to be a big help in Muskingum County. It should cut the price of gas down. The express station that they’ve got down there in Philo will put eight or nine people to work full time,” says John Bates, Muskingum County commissioner.

Government officials, members of the Chamber of Commerce and welding students toured pipeline worksites today.

Officials with the Rockies Express Pipeline say they want to have a good working relationship with southeastern Ohio’s leaders. They also want to the public to see the impact pipelines can have for the economy now and in the future.

“It’s a major economic boost for the area. It has incredible importance for energy infrastructure and delivery of natural gas to the state of Ohio and really the big thing is today for young people to see job opportunities available in the pipeline industry and there are a lot of them,” says Allen Fore, director of community relations Kinder Morgan.

The completed pipeline will stretch almost 1700 miles from Ohio to Colorado. They expect to begin delivering natural gas to our area by November weather-permitting.