Regulations for Restaurants Still in the Works

Local News

The Public Service Committee is working on an ordinance to regulate the fat, oil and grease discharge from Zanesville restaurants.

The ordinance will require restaurants and other food-serving businesses to either establish a 1,000 gallon tank to collect the waste or to have an engineer fit the business with one tailored to it’s size.

“The bigger issue here is that we have some smaller shops that are limited in their discharges and one of the original drafts of the ordinance required a 1,000 gallon tank,” said Public Service Director Mike Sims. “There are some small delis and sandwich shops that don’t charge that amount which would require that size tank.”

Sims says there are severe issues that can occur from too much waste in the sewage system.

“How it plugs our system up,” he said. “It’s an untreatable compound that we have to collect at the waste water plant once we get it through the system and then we have to take it to a landfill. It does mess with our processes for digestion, getting the sludges right at the plant as well as the maintenance of getting the stuff out in the middle of the busy streets.”

Sims says the ordinance should keep some of those problems from occurring. He says the group is currently working on a few definitions before the final ordinance will be submitted for a vote.