Rabid Bat Bites Z-ville Woman

Local News

A Zanesville woman is recovering after being bit by a rabid bat.

An official at the Zanesville-Muskingum Health Department says a bat found in a Zanesville woman’s home tested positive for rabies by the Ohio Department of Health.

“It was underneath the table,” explained Director of Environmental Health Mike Kirsch. “She was making a correction with her copier and low and behold the bat was underneath the table and it flew out and landed on her arm and bit her.”

Kirsch says that not all bats are rabid and only those that come in contact with a person or pet should be of concern.

“If there’s no contact with the individual leave it alone,” said Kirsch. “If it’s in your home try and shoo it out of the home as best you can.”

The woman bit by the bat is now receiving rabies shots. Kirsch also says that if a pet would come in contact with a bat, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

And if anyone has any concerns about bats then they should contact the health department.