Psychologist Speaks on Suicide

Local News

With the recent string of murder-suicides, you might wonder what drives someone to such an extreme.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Denise Kohler says there are several factors which can drive someone to hurt others and then themselves.

“For murder-suicides, there are risk factors of previous domestic violence,” said kohler. “70% of women that are murdered are murdered by their partner, and have been abused by that same person in the past.”

Kholer says pathological jealousy is also a sign. She says in Southeastern Ohio, there is another risk factor which is more common here than any other area of the state.

“Unemployment they said was the biggest social demographic factor for that, so just the increase in unemployment in the area has added more stress to people’s lives and causing financial problems,” she said.

Kohler says these warning signs are different than singular suicide.

Kohler says if you notice any of these signs in someone you know, to call the Six County Incorporated Crisis Hotline at 740-453-5818.