Patrol Crushes ATV In Accident

Local News

The Ohio State Highway Patrol wanted to send a message today to those who illegally drive All-Terrain Vehicles.

Today at Cambridge Iron and Metal the Cambridge Post of the Patrol crushed an ATV that was in a February alcohol-related injury crash.

The ATV was operated by 30-year-old Jack Hupp Jr. of Senacaville, he was convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and the ATV was forfeited.

“We run into crashes, run into them on the highway involved in crashes. We had two fatalities in this district this year one in Morgan County and one in Coshocton County. Obviously they’re always an issue, but when you mix alcohol with them on the highway that just compounds the issue,” says Lt. Jeff LaRoche, Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Drinking and driving an ATV carries the same punishment as operating a vehicle under the influence.

ATV’s should never be driven on the highway. They are allowed to cross the roadway, but if you drive on the highway you will also be charged.

“A lot of the time they start out, they’re not on the highway, they start in a field on private property riding and not thinking much about it and obviously alcohol may impair their judgment and the next thing you know they’re on the highway and obviously the combination of the two could lead to injury or death,” he says.

The Patrol decided to destroy the ATV instead of selling it because it needed extensive repairs and they did not want it to be purchased at a Sheriff’s sale.