New Road at Eastpointe

Local News

Another road opens at the Eastpointe industrial park, paving the way for further economic growth in the area.

Granger Drive, which runs past the New Bakery, opened today as the Muskingum County Commissioners, along with representatives from the TID Board, port authority and other organizations, cut the ribbon.

“We’ve got the 100 acre job ready site right there,” said Bates. “That’s part of the infrastructure program of Muskingum County. There is sewer and water out there now, so any business that wants to come in, we take them to look at it and we’ve got everything ready for them.”

Bates says adding more businesses to the park would continue to spur economic development in the area. He said the road wouldn’t be possible without the ARC Program.

“the ARC Program contributed $318,000 toward the project,” said Dana Soter of the program. “It is a great example of the arc dollars at work, spurring economic development in the area.”

President of the construction company who built the road, Ron Scurlock says construction jobs also rise when projects like Granger Drive come up.

“This is a good deal for us because we normally work 100-150 miles away from home,” said Scurlock. “We’ve been very lucky to be able to do three projects right here in the county.”

Scurlock says the project wouldn’t have been possible without cooperation between the port authority, Muskingum County Commissioners, ARC Program and other organizations throughout the area.