New Gun Show at Muskingum Valley Outdoor Show

Local News

The fourth annual Muskingum Valley Outdoor Show is coming up in about a month, and it’s adding something new this year…a gun show.

General Sales Manager for WHIZ Radio-Interactive, Jay Benson, says anyone who’s interested in participating can rent a table for the weekend for 75 dollars.

“They can bring out a table full of guns. They can buy guns, sell, or trade, ” says Benson.

Benson says there are interests for these gun shows across the country, and he says people have expressed their interests in having a local gun show.

“Last weekend, there was the Jurassic Classic, and as I understand it, there were tens of thousands of people there. I don’t know if we’ll expect ten of thousands, but we do want our own show in Zanesville-Muskingum County, ” says Benson.

The Muskingum Valley Outdoor Show will fall on September 19th and 20th, which comes just before the hunting season.