Muskingum Democrats Kick-Off Campaign

Local News

The Ohio Democratic Party and Organizing for America are starting a canvassing campaign today. The Muskingum County Democrats kicked off the campaign at the fair today. Volunteers say they are currently working to gather signatures for a petition and calling local democrats.

“So far it has been a matter of calling people who have shown support for the Democratic party, maybe they worked for Obama, just to remind them of what the primary issues are that Obama wants addressed in this, to remind people there is no final bill now,” says Suellen Skinner a volunteer for Organizing for America.

The Muskingum democrats chose the fair due to the large amount of people present. They say, health care supporters want to make their voices heard as well.

“They need to take an interest and support it vocally just like the people who are opposed.”

Canvassing will be taking place state-wide.