Local Woman Working to Help Soldiers

Local News

A local woman is working to make a difference in the lives of soldiers today. Melodie Pittman owns the Twice Loved store off James Street, but also is the director of Operation Spirit. It takes community donations and profit from the Twice Loved store to make care packages for troops overseas.

“We send care packages that have just all kinds of things in them. Some of them just basic hygiene items, food snacks, food supplies because a lot of people don’t realize sometimes the care packages the soldiers get that is their dinner or lunch or maybe their breakfast,” tells Melodie Pittman.

Pittman says she believes this is what she was born to do. She hopes the care packages are uplifting and improve moral among the troops. She says the response and letters from the troops is overwhelming.

“We probably get at least a half dozen a week plus all the emails that come in. I have literally thousands of letters since I started this from the troops and I wouldn’t even want to count the emails probably, a couple thousand of those.”

Many of the items donated to Twice Loved are sent directly to troops overseas. Operation Spirit puts together care packages every Tuesday night and volunteers are always welcome.