Local 100 Year Old Celebrates

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It’s not often someone is lucky enough to have their grandmother live 100 years.

But Teresa Norris is one of the few. Her grandmother Irene Eppley turned 100 today and Teresa couldn’t be happeir.

“She was my rock when I was growing up,” said Norris. “She means the world to me. She was always there for me when I needed someone and she was there when anyone needed her.”

Teresa says her grandmother is still very special in her life and she has many special memories.

“She’s the one who taught me how to cook and sew,” said Norris. “We always went shopping together; she always took me christmas shopping. We baked. I just wish that every child had a wonderful grandmother like i’ve had.”

Teresa says Irene used to live in Crooksville and Somerset before she moved up to Zanesville. Irene and her 95-year old sister live together at Willow Haven. Out of the five siblings, Irene and her sister are the only ones living.

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